Custom Services


Professional Process

At Assertive Creativity, LLC, we offer the best method in creating your apparel designs. Our expertise enables us to produce your product or collection from concept to finish. We can start from any stage to develop and complete your styles. The process usually begins from the concept, then develops into the design. The next step we'll package and communicate the technical specifications to our factories to ensure a smooth production process. All sample approvals will go through you. Once the manufacturing stage is completed by our international factories, it will be delivered to your door.

Creative Strategy

We consistently research the market and will bring the cutting edge trends to you. We understand the true importance of brand image. Our services can help shape, mold and protect your identity. The image your company projects should be a clear representation of who you are. We provide our services to industries ranging from promotional / advertising, fashion houses, boutiques and start-up brands, to revitalize and reinvent their creative direction. You can be assured our team will help your bottom line with "smart designs", especially if you are running a very price sensitive business.

Global Manufacturing and Sourcing

There are no middle-men or agent fees when you use our services. We are a direct manufacture, so it eliminates that excess cost and increases your bottom line. The partnering vendors we contract are like our family who have been with us for over 10 years. We have vendors throughout the world that produce a wide range from luxury to mass markets goods. Our abilities to produce varies of goods continues to expand. We offer low minimums in selected categories. We've incorporated more great incentives to ensure you receive excellent service from us.


The global market is always changing, so our team understands if you are not keeping up you are losing out. We encourage you to browse through our services then contact us to learn how we can best help you achieve your goals.